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New Webshop

Our supplier often has something else that is too good to throw away.
But there is nothing wrong with that, then we buy it from them and offer the dn here again.
But often this is again confusing with our own stuff where there is easy guarantee of being exchanged.
That is why we are now working to create a new webshop.
You are there to be used or where a small defect is to be but well to use.
you can already see this but buying is not possible there:
Now look up

Shipping fot free

Whe shipping with DHL for free above € 130,00

Gratis verzenden

Surcharge of $ 5.00 to send a crash bar.

Be made ​​with great care in-house, by a Dutch company. Sending all our

Because whe send such Crash bars for size we could do this until recently not send, but we now have to pick up where it can be sent. Packaged

These boxes cost us 5.00 and this amount we charge by if you want to have the steering wheel.

Of course, you pay this amount is not if you pick it up, you can indicate this choice when specifying your order

Product 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Result:1
In stock: 1 Year warranty
In stock: 1 Year warranty
Product 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Result:1

We make our own Saddle bag holders, Fat bars, Handelbars, Passenger lowers, Sissybars and Lamp Brackets.
Because of this we are able keep oure prices low. Also, we regularly sell to shopkeepers and we deliver on a regular base to countries abroad.
These are high-quality chromed articles
These article have been perished and chromed, therefore guaranteed stainless! (at normal maintenance)
Complete with all accesories for assembly
1 year guarantee




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New shipping method

We have a shipping option at:

You now have the option to send your order In an envelope

we pack a number of articles that we can have in an envelope.

This happens with track and route, however, it is not insured

Learn more click here!

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Payment options

When ordering via the webshop you'll have the following payment options:

If you pick up the order, you also have the following payment options:


A nmber of baks charges a surcharge. Unfortunately, we have to pass on this charge to our customers.

An overview of these charges you'll find here

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